About Nightwish

Formed in 1997, the female-fronted symphonic metal band Nightwish has become the worldwide best-selling Finnish artist of all time.

∙ In 2000, the group released Wishmaster, their first No. 1 LP in Finland, which kicked off a 7-album, 20-year string of consecutive chart-toppers.
∙ The 2002 goth-tinged epic “Ever Dream” was their first Platinum-certified song, and it marked the beginning of their reign at the top of the Finnish charts with a dozen No. 1 singles.
∙ When the band parted ways with their original lead singer in 2005, the Finnish Prime Minister expressed his regret and wished all involved continued success.
∙ Nightwish has racked up 13 Emma Awards—the Finnish equivalent of the Grammys—including three for Best Finnish Artist.
∙ The Finnish Music Hall of Fame inducted the group in 2018, when they joined such luminaries as classical composer Jean Sibelius.

    Kitee, Finland

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