About Cinderella

When rockers Cinderella started out, the band members worked at a photo lab during the day and practiced at an American Legion Hall at night.

∙ Kiss’ Gene Simmons was wowed by Cinderella’s early performances, as was Jon Bon Jovi, who was so impressed after seeing their live show, he helped get them a record deal.
∙ In 1985, original guitarist Michael Schermick and drummer Tony Destra left to form Britny Fox.
∙ Their song “Hot and Bothered” was featured in the ’90s comedy hit Wayne’s World.
∙ In 1991, lead singer Tom Keifer was stricken with a partially paralyzed vocal cord, which took six surgeries and extensive therapy to overcome.
∙ Three of their four studio LPs reached Platinum or multi-Platinum status in the US, and the band has sold more than 15 million albums worldwide.

    Philadelphia, PA

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