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After rock journalist Sandy Pearlman overheard guitarist Buck Dharma and friends jamming at a house near New York’s Stony Brook University, he offered to become their manager and named the group Soft White Underbelly.

∙ Derived from Pearlman’s poetry, the name Blue Öyster Cult refers to a sect of aliens covertly guiding our planet’s history.
∙ After the release of the band’s debut album, they developed a flair for showmanship by touring with Alice Cooper.
∙ The Platinum-selling Agents of Fortune became their biggest album, spawning “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper,” which Rolling Stone ranks among the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.
∙ Blue Öyster Cult was one of the first bands to experiment with laser-light shows at their concerts.
∙ Originally intended for Dharma’s solo album, “Burnin’ for You” became a Top 40 hit for the band, while its video received constant play on the then-recently launched MTV.
∙ Richard Meltzer, known as the father of rock criticism, wrote lyrics for Blue Öyster Cult songs, as did Patti Smith, who dated BÖC keyboardist/guitarist Allen Lanier.
∙ The band’s literate songwriting and relationships with famous authors led to their reputation as “the thinking man’s heavy metal band.”
∙ In 2000, Saturday Night Live aired its classic “More Cowbell” sketch—a Behind the Music-style account of the recording sessions for “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper.”
∙ Metallica, Iron Maiden, and Alice in Chains are among the legions of hard rock and heavy metal artists that Blue Öyster Cult has influenced.

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