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About Shotgun Messiah

Though possessing of undeniable talent, the members of Shotgun Messiah were often accused of being rather shameless opportunists (sometimes mockingly dubbed "Bandwagon Messiah") due to their continuous changes in musical direction. Whatever the truth behind their motivation, the Swedish band spent many years waiting on deck for their shot at stardom, but never quite got the nod from the gods of rock & roll.

Inspired by the flamboyant hard rock bands flowing out of L.A. during the early '80s, bassist Tim Skold, guitarist Harry Cody, and fabulously named drummer Stixx Galore formed glam rock band King Pin in their native Skovde, Sweden. After drafting vocalist Zinny J. San a short time later, the band kicked off their career with a 7" single titled Shout It Out in 1987. Released the following year, their Sweden-only first album, Welcome to Bop City, was a local smash, prompting the band to uproot to L.A., change their name to Shotgun Messiah, then remix and re-package the album as their international debut (also called Shotgun Messiah and issued in 1989). San departed soon after, but the band didn't blink, hiring new bassist Bobby Lycon so that Skold could assume vocal duties. This lineup recorded 1991's enthusiastically received (at least by the media) Second Coming and a punk covers E.P., I Want More, before splitting in half when the rhythm section quit. Barely pausing for breath, Skold and Cody reinvented Shotgun Messiah as a Ministry-inspired industrial metal outfit for 1993's Violent New Breed, but continued public indifference eventually convinced them to call it a day. Skold later pursued a solo career. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia

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