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Gregory Isaacs

Gregory Isaacs

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Reggae singer-songwriter Gregory Isaacs cut his first single at age 17, under the pseudonym Winston Sinclair.

∙ In 1974, he scored his first Jamaican No. 1 hit with “Love Is Overdue,” which became a staple at local weddings and christenings.
∙ Isaacs costarred (as himself) in the 1978 reggae film Rockers, alongside reggae icons Burning Spear, Dillinger, Big Youth, and Robbie Shakespeare.
∙ The 1982 album Night Nurse was his biggest international commercial success, reaching the Top 40 on the UK charts.
∙ After an arrest on weapons and drug charges, Isaacs wrote much of his ensuing album, Out Deh!, while behind bars.
∙ Between 1982 and 2010 (the year of his death), he was nominated for five Grammy Awards, four of them for Best Reggae Album.

    Kingston, Jamaica
  • BORN
    15 July 1951

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