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Although Tennessee-based pop quartet Fluid Ounces never escaped the shadow of Ben Folds Five during their short lifespan, the two groups share only prominent piano, Southern roots, and an affinity for '70s pop/rock. Unlike Folds' strained "look at me" cleverness, ivories-tickling leader Seth Timbs doesn't draw too much attention to himself lyrically, and his cohorts, guitarist Brian Rogers, bassist Ben Morton, and drummer Justin Meyer, are a much more cohesive and musically capable unit than the Five were.
Fluid Ounces formed in the college town of Murfreesboro, TN, in 1995. Signing with local indie Spongebath Records, the quartet released their first album, Big Notebook for Easy Piano, in 1997. The follow-up, In the New Old Fashioned Way, appeared in 1999. Although both albums received generally positive reviews, neither sold particularly well. ~ Stewart Mason