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About D-A-D

D:A:D (short for Disneyland After Dark) was formed in Copenhagen, Denmark, in the mid-'80s by Jesper Binzer (vocals/guitar), Jacob Binzer (lead guitar), Stig Pederson (bass), and Peter Jensen (drums). The band built quite a following in their homeland with a number of independent releases before signing with Warner Brothers for a reputedly huge sum in 1988. After shortening their name to avoid legal repercussions, the band released their international debut, No Fuel Left for the Pilgrims, the following year. But despite their electrifying AC/DC-inspired hard rock, a great image, and a strong showing in Europe, the album did nothing in America. Internal upheaval at their record company didn't help, and following a few years in limbo the band finally released their second album, Riskin' it All, in 1992. Unfortunately, it met with similar indifference, and after touring behind the album (with a now-legendary stage set featuring a giant couch as a drum riser, on which the band members would constantly jump up and down while playing) the band was dropped. By 1995, D:A:D were signed to EMI-Medley, which released their third album, Helpyourselfish. It was followed by Simpatico in 1997 and Psychopatico in 1998. Early in 1999, drummer Peter Jensen left the band, and was replaced by Laust Sonne leading up to the release of Everything Glows in 2000. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia