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Based out of the Mid-Western semi-metropolis of Milwaukee, Wisconsin -where cheese, beer and the Promise Ring being the three most popular exports- is where Compound Red got their start. Consisting of Andy Reis (bass), Mike Allen (guitar), Dave Henderleiter (drums) and John Lyman (vocals), the Red reinforced the sound of melodic guitars, complexed rhythms and screamy vocals -first brought on by the likes of Drive Like Jehu, Fugazi and Cap n Jazz. Displayed on their 1995 full-length Mr. Microcosm, and the split EP with Sandbox that same year, the band eventually broke up with Lyman's move to Minneapolis while the remainder continued on writing new material. Upon the recruitment of second guitarist Jim Minor, Lyman found himself back in Milwaukee which all resulted in the resurrection of Compound Red in 1996. With the single "Now I'm an Anchor"b/w "Angel Danced Away"and the split with Chicago's Sidekick Kato both released that same year, DeSoto Records hooked them up the following year and put out the single "Peter Pan's Shadow" b/w "20 Miles Up There Is No Air." After a US tour with the Promise Ring and Lyman's replacement Greg Steffke, the band eventually called it quits in early 1999. ~ Mike DaRonco

Milwaukee, WI

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