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Sylvan Esso is the electro-folk-pop duo of husband and wife Nick Sanborn (of the psych band Megafaun) and Amelia Heath (of the folk trio Mountain Men).

∙ The band began work on their first single, “Say It Right,” on the night they met, when Heath handed Sanborn a recording of the vocals and asked him to make a backing track.
∙ Despite limited radio play, their 2014 debut, Sylvan Esso, reached the Top 40 on the Billboard 200.
∙ In 2016, “Radio”—written out of frustration over radio’s reluctance to play music created by women—ironically became their first Triple A radio-charting single.
∙ Their 2017 sophomore LP, What Now, earned Sylvan Esso their first Grammy Award nomination, for Best Electronic/Dance Album.
∙ On the 2019 WITH Tour, the duo pushed the boundaries of electronic music by rearranging songs from their entire catalog for a 10-piece ensemble.
∙ “Ferris Wheel,” the group’s most successful single, peaked at No. 12 on Billboard’s Triple A Songs chart in 2020.

    Durham, NC

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