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About Max Emanuel Cencic

Max Emanuel Cencic is one of the most impressive of an outstanding crop of European counter tenors whose careers blossomed in the first decade of the 21st century. Born in Zagreb, he began his career as a singer in the Vienna Boys' Choir and has since made his home in Austria. After his voice broke, he continued to sing as a male soprano, but went on to be trained as a counter tenor. He is known for the power, richness, agility, and range of his voice.

Cencic has recorded widely, including leading roles in Landi's Il Sant'Alessio; Vivaldi's Farnace; Handel's Fernando, Rodrigo, and Faramondo; and Gluck's Ezio, as well as numerous recitals. He has also collaborated on an album of duets with fellow counter tenor Philippe Jaroussky, accompanied by William Christie, a frequent collaborator. While he has focused primarily on music of the Baroque and early Classical periods, he has also made an album of Rossini arias and has sung contemporary works such as the 2010 premiere of Reimann's Medea.