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About Leonardo

Leonardo (Emival Eterno Costa) kept, with his brother Leandro (José Luís Costa), one of the most commercially successful duos of sertanejo song in Brazil. The duo, Leandro e Leonardo, has sold more than 20 million albums. One week after Leandro's death of cancer on June 23, 1998, Leonardo participated in a show in Paris, France, Coração Brasileiro, a tribute to his brother. In 1999, Leonardo launched his first solo LP, Tempo, which evidences a career turn with him embracing the romantic repertory, leaving behind the sertanejo style. He recorded three other albums, including the live Leonardo Ao Vivo (1999); its DVD version was the first digital video release in Brazil. His first three solo albums reached the impressive cipher of an average of 1.5 million copies sold, mostly due to several hits on the radio throughout Brazil. ~ Alvaro Neder


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