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About Kevinho

MC Kevinho is a Brazilian singer, producer, and songwriter whose singles took his home country by storm beginning when he was just 16. His sound melds EDM, electro-funk, and various tropical and hip-hop beats as evidenced by his 2016 smash hit "Olha a Explosão," whose video rang up nearly 900 million views. When combined with his other hits, the total is nearly two billion. His video singles have all reached the Top 20 at streaming as well.

MC Kevinho was born in Sao Paulo, Brasil in 1998 as Kevin Kawan de Azevedo. Obsessed with making music from the time he was six, he cut his first single at age 12, and began his professional career two years later with the YouTube hit "Tá Bombando E, that ran up over 13 million views, and he followed it with a self-titled debut album that went nowhere in terms of sales, but brought him to the attention of a number of record labels.

Kevinho was a member of the famed KL Producer team, and appeared as a featured guest in other video clips by MC Toy and MC Bin Laden. After leaving, he joined producer KondZilla and his KondZilla Records roster via Universal.

In September 2016 he released the video for "Tumbalatum" in partnership with producer KondZilla, garnering him several television appearances, all of which got attention from critics as well as the music-listening public, who deemed the smash hit "song of the summer." Kevinho became both a TV and social media star almost overnight. Two months later, he released the video for "Turutum." At the end of December 2016, Kevinho released a music video for "Olha a Explosão," with 2 Chainz and French Montana (his fourth single of the year), in which he wed electro funk, hip-hop, and ragga. The following year, his tracks landed on two major compilations and he issued three singles including "Encaixa" (feat. Léo Santana), "Let It Kiss" (feat. Matheus & Kauan), and "Rabiola. While only "Let It Kiss" charted on the streamed songs and sales charts, the massive number of video views brought Kevinho not only visibility, but a substantial income. He also lent his voice and image to singles and videos by other artists including "Cê Acredita" by João Neto & Frederico, and "Loko" by Tropkillaz & Major Lazer. In 2018 "Ta Tum Tum" (feat. Simone & Simaria) reached 77 on the Brazilian pop charts, while its video rang up millions of views. It was followed by "Papum" in 2018. ~ Thom Jurek

São Paulo, Brasil
15 Sep 1998

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