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Formed in New Hampshire but (eventually) based in Boston, Face to Face were a new wave act that had a minor hit in 1982 with the single "10-9-8." Vocalist Laurie Sargent, guitarist (and founder) Stuart Kimball, guitarist Angelo Petraglia, bassist John Ryder, and drummer Billy Beard scored a record deal in 1982 with Epic, which released their self-titled first album containing the aforementioned single in 1984. The band released one more album for Epic, 1985's Confrontation, before jumping ship to Mercury, which released their 1988 offering, One Big Day. They would disband within a year of that release. Outside of that initial single, Face to Face got some medium-scale attention by landing a part in the rock musical film Streets of Fire, in which they appeared as backing band the Attackers. Although Laurie Sargent didn't appear with her band in the movie, her voice was used as the lead vocal. Sargent would later front the band Twinemen, a band consisting of the former members of Morphine. ~ Christopher True