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About Caleb Hyles

Versatile American singer, actor, and YouTube personality Caleb Hyles found success in the mid-2010s covering a wide variety of songs from Disney and Broadway musicals to various anime and video game themes as well as Top 40 and metal.

A native of Montgomery, Alabama, Hyles grew up singing in choir and eventually formed the metal band From the Dark in 2009. Not long afterward, he and his brother launched the YouTube gag channel CrAzYbRoS, which offered videos of fans dubbing some of their favorite anime music. As Hyles' fan base grew, he eventually transitioned to his own YouTube channel where he built up a deep catalog of videos thanks to his weekly posts. One of his early successes was a 2014 Game of Thrones/Frozen mashup called "Let Them Come," sung to the melody of Disney's "Let It Go." He soon became known for his covers of songs from the anime series Steven Universe and released the 2016 EP Steven Universe Bomb, Vol. 1. A full-length album, Kawaii, appeared in 2017 and saw Hyles collaborating with fellow YouTube creators RichaadEB and FamilyJules. In addition to netting hundreds of thousands of subscribers to his YouTube channel, he became a regular performer at various fan conventions around the country.

Montgomery, AL
14 Oct 1991

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