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Badal Roy (born: Amerendra Roy Choudhury) is one of the world's leading tabla players. Although his musical roots reflect the influence of Indian classical music, Roy has taken the Indian hand drum from its traditional role and placed it in the realm of jazz and improvisational music. In addition to recording with John McLaughlin and the late Miles Davis, Roy has performed with such stellar jazz and world music players as Herbie Mann, Dave Leibman, Don Cherry, Pharoah Sanders, Dizzy Gillespie, Lonnie Liston Smith, Andreas Vollenweider, and Yoko Ono. Since 1988, Roy has been a member of Ornette Coleman's Prime Time. A native of Pakistan, Roy emigrated to the United States in 1968, to seek his fortune as a musician. Arriving in New York with eight dollars and his tabla, he quickly attracted attention with his virtuosic playing. Although he found a job as a busboy and waiter at an Indian restaurant, he caused a sensation when he began performing for customers. The invitation to record with Miles Davis followed soon afterwards. Since the mid-'90s, Roy has collaborated with Brazilian guitar duo Duofel. ~ Craig Harris


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