About The B-Girls

The Canadian rock group known as the B Girls formed in 1977. The mostly-girl band completed a few albums, lent background vocals to some full-length works by other artists, and did a little touring before calling it quits near the end of 1981. Members of the group were lead guitarist Renee Chetsky, bassist Cynthia Ross, drummer Mark Saddy, singer Locasta Ross, and guitarist Xenia Splawinski. The B Girls released its debut album, Live & Kicking, around 1978. A sophomore offering simply titled B-Day showed up in 1980. Nearly 20 years later a third album, Who Says Girls Can't Rock, was put together from some live numbers and a few songs that had been recorded during the band's short existence, but never released. Some of the tunes that fill these pop/rock flavored with early punk albums include "Angel Doesn't Shoot a Gun," "Fun at the Beach," "Long Distance Love," "Two Hearts," and "Heartbreaker." ~ Charlotte Dillon

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