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The members of Melbourne, Australia band TERRY boast some impressive entries on their respective CVs. Al Montfort played with UV Race, Total Control, and Dick Diver; Zephyr Pavey was also in Total Control and fronted Eastlink; Xanthe Waite sang with Mick Harvey's band; and Amy Hill was a member of Constant Mongrel. They formed TERRY in the mid-2010s, playing an intimate brand of indie pop that featured the members trading off vocals and sharing songwriting chores. They debuted with the "Talk About Terry" single on Upset the Rhythm in late 2015, then released one other single, "8 Girls," on Aarght! Records in mid-2016. Their full-length debut for Upset the Rhythm, HQ, followed in early July. The bandmembers began writing their next album after returning from a string of tour dates, then in early 2017 they did some recording at Grace Lane studio and TERRY HQ. The resulting songs were mastered by the ubiquitous Mikey Young, titled Remember Terry, and released by Upset the Rhythm in mid-2017. ~ Tim Sendra

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