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The English electronic trio Plone formed in 1994 when Mike "Billy" Bainbridge, Mark Cancellara, and Michael Johnston began experimenting with old drum machines, analogue synths, and trippy effects. Naming themselves after an imaginary cartoonlike sound, Plone began supporting likeminded groups such as Pram and Broadcast at gigs in London and their native Birmingham. Following these live dates, the Wurlitzer Jukebox label approached the group to record a single for them, which resulted in Plone's 1997 debut EP Press a Key/Electric Beauty Parlour. The following year the trio signed to the eclectically electronic Warp Records label, appearing on the We Are Reasonable People compilation and releasing their second EP Plock. Their first full-length album 1999's For Beginner Piano gave a more complete version of their dreamy, experimental, and often playful sound. ~ Heather Phares

Birmingham, England

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