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About Pink Industry

For all intents and purposes, Pink Industry was a duo of former Pink Military leader/vocalist Jayne Casey (also formerly of Big in Japan) and bassist/keyboardist Ambrose Reynolds (Frankie Goes to Hollywood). Other contributors came and left with frequency. Continuing in the path that Pink Military was headed during their brief existence, Casey and Ambrose's group combined the "anything goes" spirit of post-punk with further use of experimental electronics. Signed to Zulu, they debuted in 1982 with the Forty-Five EP. The LPs Low Technology and Who Told You, You Were Naked were released the following year. Two years passed before New Beginnings, which proved to be their final work together. A series of retrospective packages followed throughout the late '80s and '90s; a self-titled released on Cathexis got the ball rolling in 1988, followed by 1990's Retrospective on Parade Amoureuse and 1995's New Naked Technologies on Cri Du Chat Disques. ~ Andy Kellman