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When Norah Jones arrived in the early 2000s, she appeared to be the torchbearer for two traditions on the verge of disappearing: sophisticated vocal jazz designed for small, smoky clubs and the warm, burnished sound of the Southern California singer/songwriters of the early '70s. Come Away with Me, her 2002 debut, hit this sweet spot and resonated with millions of listeners, turning Jones into an unexpected star. Instead of cultivating this niche, Jones soon proved to be quietly adventurous. As the 2000s gave way to the 2010s, she incorporated daringly modern musical elements into her albums, which increasingly veered toward adult alternative pop, all the while spending time with side projects where she sang country, punk and jazz -- an indication of her expansive taste and skill.

    New York, NY [Brooklyn]
  • BORN
    30 March 1979