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Driven by an affinity for graphic violence, porn, and government conspiracy theories, Ill Bill (William Braunstein) is best known as the founder and frontman of four-man underground rap group Non Phixion. Because of the group's racy subject matter, Non Phixion constantly found themselves bouncing from label to label during the late '90s, despite acclaimed 12" singles like I Shot Reagan and Black Helicopter (both produced by Ill Bill's brother Necro). Ill Bill had to establish the independent Uncle Howie Records before the Brooklyn-based crew could finally issue its debut album, The Future Is Now, in 2002. Through his label, the hardcore MC/producer initiated his solo career with his first album, What's Wrong with Bill? (2004), as well as with a series of Ill Bill Is the Future mixtapes. But after Non Phixion officially broke up in 2006, he also oversaw and pressed solo material by NP members DJ Eclipse and Sabac Red. Two years before his second full-length, The Hour of Reprisal, arrived in 2008, Ill Bill co-founded La Coka Nostra, a collective that also includes DJ Muggs and members of House of Pain, among others. ~ Cyril Cordor

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