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A part of the late ‘70s movement known as Neue Deutsche Welle (New German Wave), D.A.F. (Deutsche-Amerikanische Freundschaft) combined raw electronic rhythms with the nihilistic energy of punk rock, becoming a hugely influential touchstone for a wave of Industrial and E.B.M. artists in the late ‘80s. Formed in Dusseldorf in 1978 around core members Gabriel Delgado-Lopez and Robert Gorl, the group initially utilized guitars and acoustic drums on their feedback-drenched debut, EIN PRODUKT DER D.A.F. (1979), the first album released on fledgling U.K. independent Mute Records. D.A.F. eventually streamlined to a duo (Lopez and Gorl) and enlisted producer Conny Plank, who helped crystallize their sound to a sparse, minimalist style in keeping with the emerging aesthetic of synth pop. Their 1981 hit, “Der Mussolini,” raised controversy through its lyrical allusions to fascism; and their Soviet propaganda-styled album covers, while largely tongue-in-cheek, sparked accusations of alleged right-wing sympathies. The group disbanded amicably in 1982 but reunited twice, once in 1985 for the English-language album 1st STEP TO HEAVEN, and again in 2003 for 15 NEUE D.A.F. LIEDER.