About Wachan Bajiyoperak

Wachan Bajiyoperak was born in Ciromayo Cusco, Peru, in 1962. His father was a Hampig medicine man, and from early childhood, Wachan learned a deep connection to the Incan temples, the sacred mountains, and the ways of his ancestors. His father trained him in natural medicine, while his mother taught him traditional Incan music and mythology.

While visiting Hawaii in 1993, Wachan struck up a friendship with new age composer Gerald Jay Markoe, who decided to record Wachan playing traditional and original Incan music on various flutes. Markoe produced the album Inka Sunrise, added nature sounds, and released the album on his Astromusic label.

"My purpose is to keep alive, and to pass on, the heritage of my ancestors," Wachan explains. ""Some of these songs have been played for thousands of years. They express the inner rhythms of life, like the wind that sings with the birds and the rivers and oceans that dance with the roar of thunder." ~ Carol Wright