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About The Island of Misfit Toys

Chicago's the Island of Misfit Toys issue an expansive brand of indie rock that may be best but not thoroughly described as chamber punk-pop. With membership approaching double digits, they add melodic percussion, brass, violin, banjo, accordion, and more to traditional rock band instrumentation, in support of theatrical songs by leader Anthony Sanders that reach into rap, experimental rock, and acoustic balladry, just for starters. The group's debut album, Bear Hair, was released in 2011 and featured the lineup of Julia Bard, Kamila Glowacki, Mark Jaeschke, Evan Loritsch, Lui Macatual, John Mondragon, Danny Radovanovic, and Sanders. Two years later the EP Furiouser & Furiouser appeared without Glowacki and Mondragon, but with Audrey Sanders, Ashlee Stewack, and bassist Gooey Fame, the latter of whom left the band soon after. With new bandmate Mike Nardone bringing membership back to nine, the Island of Misfit Toys released their sophomore full-length, I Made You Something, in 2015. ~ Marcy Donelson

Chicago, IL

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