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The Gone Jackals are a hard rock quartet from San Francisco, CA. The leader, Keith Karloff, who is the brother of New York City guitarist Johnny Gale, relocated to San Francisco from New York City, where he had been performing in the 1980s as a solo artist using the name Keith Gale.
In San Francisco, Karloff recruited bassist Rudy D. Maynard, who had come from Los Angeles. The two worked together on a Keith Gale EP called Five Piece Screwdriver Set released on Blue/Black Records.
After a period of fluctuating names, lineups, and instrumentation, Karloff's band solidified with the addition of Judd Austin on guitar and Trey Sabatelli on drums. It was at this time that the band adopted the name the Gone Jackals.
The band released its first album Out and About With the Gone Jackals in 1990 (reissued in 1996), and it had moderate success on college radio stations and west coast radio. Johnny Gale included two tracks from the album on his Gale Force album along with two other songs written by Keith Karloff.
In 1995, the Gone Jackals released their second album Bone to Pick. Lucas Entertainment Group used the album as the soundtrack to its interactive computer game Full Throttle which increased sales of the album dramatically. In addition, CBS used the song "Born Bad" from the Bone to Pick album on an episode of the TV series Nash Bridges.
The band followed up that success with the release of its third album Blue Pyramid in 1998. Later, the band signed a European recording contract with Spanish label Raspberry Records. ~ Steven Jacobetz

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