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About Razed In Black

The industrial/goth rock outfit Razed in Black may be the only such band to hail from Hawaii (the town of Ewa Beach, to be exact). Comprised of members Romell Regulacion (guitar), Chris Nelson (vocals, bass, and synths), and Raj Kapololu (drums), the trio draws inspiration from the usual suspects, including Nine Inch Nails, Sister Machine Gun, and Chemlab. Originally formed in the mid-'90s, Razed in Black has issued several full-length recordings (all on the Cleopatra label): 1996's Shrieks, Laments and Anguished Cries, 1997's Overflow, 1999's Sacrificed, and 2003's Damaged; plus the 2001 EP Oh My Goth, which featured remixes of tracks by DJ Rib, DJ Evil, and Matthew Grim. ~ Greg Prato

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