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About Peta Teanet

In April 1996, Billboard Magazine cited Soweto-born vocalist Peta Teanet as one of "South Africa's artists to watch." Driven by an infectious disco beat and a sensuous female choir that included future solo artist MaLindi, Teanet had successfully combined the urban, bubblegum, pop music of South Africa with uplifting lyrics that he sang in his native Tsonga language. Touring throughout South Africa, he had become one of the country's best-selling artists with such hits as "Cina Ndoda," "Damage," and "I Love You Africa." A couple of months later, Teanet was dead — shot and killed by a policeman during an argument, putting a tragic end to his reign as "king of Shangaan disco." He was recalled by as "a larger than life figure — the epitome of burning out rather than fading away." Following Teanet's death, his brother, Forsta Teanet, assumed his role as a singer and bandleader. MaLindi released her debut solo album, To the Beat Yo!, in 2000.