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K-X-P are a Finnish neo-prog band, led by Timo Kaukolampi (of Op:l Bastards and the Lefthanded), that also features bassist/keyboardist Tuomo Puranen, drummer Anssi Nykanen, and electronic percussionist Tomi Leppänen. Joakim Haugland, a record executive at Smalltown Supersound, knew of Kaukolampi from his production work with Norwegian pop sensation Annie, and encouraged him to form a band after hearing some of his Krautrock-inspired solo beats. K-X-P started rehearsing as a group soon thereafter, and by 2007 they were playing shows. In 2010, Smalltown Supersound released the band's self-titled debut. K-X-P switched to England's Melodic label for K-X-P II, which arrived in 2013 with a pair of spaced-out vocal contributions from Annie. History of Techno, a 34-minute mini-album appropriately anchored by driving bass drums, was issued on Svart in 2014 and preceded K-X-P III, Pt. 1, the band's third proper album, released the following year. ~ Jason Lymangrover

Helsinki, Finland

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