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London-based electronic producer Josiah Gladwell (aka K-Lone) is an enigmatic studio presence known for his experimental, often abstract soundscapes. Along with computers, K-Lone also utilizes field recordings, synthesizers, and a bevy of percussion instruments to craft his evocative tracks. Initially, K-Lone played drums in various punk and noise-rock outfits before discovering his interest in creating electronic soundscapes. Adopting his production handle, he co-founded the Wisdom Teeth label with fellow London experimentalist Facta, and quickly grabbed attention with a 2015 split-EP with Etch. A year later, he paired with L.A. rapper Ill Chill for the Rare Jewels EP on Wych. In 2017, he delivered yet more spacious, dub-techno cuts with the In the Dust EP on the Paris-based Soundman Chronicles. ~ Matt Collar