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Formed in 2005 after a chance meeting between the two members, multi-instrumentalist Pike Galloway (b. London, England) and vocalist Maple Bee (b. Melanie Garside, London, England), Huski play upbeat electronica fused with indie rock. After finding himself in the audience at an impromptu performance by UK underground music scene veteran Garside in a restaurant, producer Galloway approached her about the possibility of collaborating on a project together. Huski was formed and the duo began to work on material almost immediately. After a year or so they had recorded over 40 tracks, with Garside providing vocals and Galloway playing all instrumental parts as well as taking on production duties.

Signing to the newly established label, XIE Recordings, Huski released Love Peace Pain in July 2006. A ready made fanbase owing to Garsides previous work as a solo artist and as a member of the bands Queenadreena, the Vertigo Angels and Mediaeval Baebes, ensured that Love Peace Pain enjoyed an enthusiastic reception. The debut also met with generally positive reviews from the music press, who compared the bands sound to UK trip-hop and electro bands such as Portishead and Goldfrapp. The album, while breaking no creative boundaries, proved accessible and enjoyable for the most part. Galloway made extensive use of synthesizers to give the album a distinctly 80s feel, yet with a modern twist. Garsides vocals were particularly strong throughout, with the exception of the robot-style Urtica, a track vaguely reminiscent of UK one-hit-wonders Babylon Zoo. More successful tracks included the guitar-led There She Goes and Undatow.

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