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About Diva Destruction

Based in Los Angeles, Diva Destruction is a goth rock band that was founded by vocalist/keyboardist/composer Debra L. Fogarty in early 1998. The Angelinos' music is state-of-the-art goth: dark, gloomy, and richly melodic yet aggressive. In 1999, Diva Destruction recorded its debut album, Passion's Price, which came out on Fogarty's own label and featured a second vocalist, Severina Sol (a member of the Seattle-based industrial band Fockewolf). Passion's Price is an appropriate title for the CD, which takes a very dark view of relationships and concludes that pain and suffering is the price one inevitably pays for passion. "The Broken Ones," Diva Destruction's first single, became an underground club hit in both the U.S. and Europe, and was included on Cleopatra's goth/industrial/EBM compilation The Unquiet Grave 2000. In 2000, Diva Destruction's lineup included Fogarty, guitarist Benn Ra, drummer/percussionist Jimmy Cleveland, and keyboardist Sharon. Because Sharon's real name is Sharon Stone and she does not want to be confused with the famous actress, she simply goes by her first name professionally. ~ Alex Henderson

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