Daft Punk Essentials

Daft Punk Essentials

Great Daft Punk tracks are like great toys: immediate but sophisticated, simple but clever. Most of all, they keep their barrier to entry low without ever sacrificing the sense of wonder and progressivism that makes them fresh. Anyone can enjoy Daft Punk. You might even have a thought or two. Founded in Paris by two grade-school friends, Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter, in the early ’90s, the group managed the unlikely trick of turning hardcore dance music into mainstream pop, then into a kind of modern-day equivalent to arena rock: big, accessible, futuristic, fun. Any good rock remix owes them a lunch, to say nothing of dubstep and big-tent festival DJs. Take their chrome hands, gaze into the shields of their robot helmets and let them lead you to the floor.

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