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Vader formed in 1986, toiling around the European death and thrash circuit while releasing demos into the metal tape-trading circuit. Their 1990 demo, Morbid Reich, became a huge hit in the underground, leading to a record deal with Earache in 1992. This made them the first death metal band from behind the Iron Curtain to sign a record deal outside of their native Poland. The same year, they released The Ultimate Incantation, a large success in the metal underground. They toured with Bolt Thrower, Grave, Deicide, and many other bands to bring their live performances to American audiences. They left Earache the next year and released two more albums, Sothis (on Repulse Records) and The Darkest Age: Live '93 (on Baron Records). They tried to continue touring despite the declining popularity of death metal and the lack of a consistent recording contract. In 1995, they signed a deal with Impact Records, allowing them to maintain a regular album release schedule. Hammerheart Records released their Necrolust and Morbid Reich demos on CD in 1998, as the band was enjoying its biggest success up to that point with the archival release Reborn in Chaos. They also recorded a live album, a mini-album (Kingdom), and a VHS video that year, and signed a new record deal with Metal Blade. By the time 1999 rolled around, the band was opening for Slayer and had its first headlining American tour. In 2000 they released Litany and the Reign Forever World EP via Metal Blade, the former of which received a Fryderyk nomination. Arriving in 2002, the well-received Revelations also garnered a Fryderyk nomination, as did subsequent studio long-players like Impressions in Blood (2006), Necropolis (2009), and the Nuclear Blast-issued Welcome to the Morbid Reich (2011), the latter of which took home the award for Heavy Metal Album of the Year and charted in seven countries, including the United States. The Go to Hell EP preceded the release of the band's tenth full-length outing, Tibi et Igni, which was followed in 2016 by the much anticipated and aptly named Empire. ~ Bradley Torreano

Olsztyn, Poland

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