About DaBaby

Since picking up the microphone in 2014, Charlotte rapper DaBaby (born Jonathan Lyndale Kirk in 1991) has demonstrated a keen awareness of how to cultivate presence in the internet era, coupling his bounciest tracks (“Suge”, “Walker Texas Ranger”, “Goin Baby”, “Baby Sitter”) with outrageous videos, crafting a persona by turns rude, violent, goofy and dead serious. (His energy—he often sounds like he literally can’t wait to get on a track—can be so charismatic and infectious that you forget he’s rapping about how he’s prepared to mow down everyone in his way.) After a string of mixtapes, including eight released in 2017 and 2018 alone, he signed with Interscope in early 2019, releasing his first studio album, Baby on Baby, within a few months.

    Charlotte, North Carolina
  • BORN
    22 December 1991

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