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About The Çhenille Sisters

The Chenille Sisters' quirky appeal truly reaches across all ages — while their irreverent country-folk sound was originally targeted to adults, they have also recorded a number of albums specifically for children. Formed in 1985 in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the Chenille Sisters are comprised of Cheryl Dawdy, Connie Huber, and Grace Morand, none of them actually siblings; after becoming a local cult favorite on their strength of their lovely harmonies, in 1986 they independently released their self-titled debut LP. Recorded live in Ann Arbor, At Home with the Chenille Sisters followed in 1989; a year later, they abruptly shifted their demographic focus, issuing 1-2-3 for Kids. With 1991's Mamma, I Wanna Make Rhythm, the trio returned to more mature songcraft; future releases continued to alternate between music for grown-ups and children, with 1992's The Big Picture and Other Songs for Kids followed that same year by Whatcha Gonna Swing Tonight, a collection of popular songs from the pre-World War II era. The founders of their own label, Can-Too Records, in 1995 the Chenilles starred in an Emmy-winning PBS special titled Makin' Rhythm; it led to Read to Me, a children's book review series they hosted for public radio. The Chenilles continued their emphasis on younger listeners with 1996’s Teaching Hippopotami to Fly, but shifted their focus yet again during the new millennium with several Can-Too releases: the 2001 holiday outing In the Christmas Spirit and two albums aiming back at the adult audience, Room to Breathe (2002) and May I Suggest (2007).


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