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Mega Bog showcases the sophisticated lo-fi of songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Erin Birgy, who has recorded both alone and with a shifting collective of musician friends. Birgy herself has contributed to albums by acts including Big Thief, EZTV, singer/songwriter Jaye Bartell, and frequent collaborator Iji.

Mega Bog formed in Seattle in 2009 when Birgy started sharing songs and playing with a group of musicians who originally got together for a swimming trip. The project came to be recognized for free-form song structures, dissonance, and quietly trippy arrangements combining electric guitars, saxophone, drums, keyboards, and occasional field recordings behind poetic vocals. The jazz influence was apparent on the band's label debut, Okay Human, released by Gnome Life in 2011. The Some UFO EP followed in 2012, and Mega Bog's sophomore album, Gone Banana, arrived via Couple Skate in 2014. Birgy then relocated to Brooklyn, where she collaborated with bands like EZTV and Big Thief before releasing Happy Together on Nicey Music in 2017. ~ Marcy Donelson

Seattle, WA

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