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About Joe Weller

British vlogger Joe Weller starting gaining attention for his online videos of comedy sketches, football reports, and reaction videos in 2012. After attracting a huge fan base, Weller -- who had always had an interest in music -- delivered his first single, "90s Kid," in 2013. The tongue-in-cheek hip-hop track was followed by "Like Beckham," which paid homage to footballer David Beckham. Two years later, Weller delivered the deep house track "Wanna Do" -- which hit the U.K. Top 10 -- before following it up with the grime-indebted parody "Fire in the Car Park." 2017 saw Weller return to deep house with the release of "Mission" and "Far from You" before joining forces with fellow vlogger Elliot Crawford for the parody trap single "Queen & a Double." At the end of 2017, Weller traded insults online with vlogger-turned-rapper KSI, which resulted in the pair arranging a boxing match to settle their differences. ~ Rich Wilson

Brighton, England
2 Mar 1996

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