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As North American boy bands such as Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC reached platinum status, Jhony Nuñez was creating and molding Calle Ciega, his own Latin version of such groups. Founding and creating the band in the vein of "boy band" manager Lou Pearlman, Nuñez began a series of strenuous casting calls and auditions. The final five became Calle Ciega (in Spanish: Dead End). The band was formed in 1995 and grew musically thereafter, performing around Latin America and particularly in its hometown of Caracas, Venezuela. Two of the original members left to pursue their own singing careers, but the group continued on. In 1998, the band released its debut album, Caliente. Touring in support of the album resulted in a growing fan base and well-attended concerts. After returning to the studio, in 1999 the band released its second album, No Pares de Sudar (Don't Stop Sweating). Each member of Calle Ciega contributed to the songwriting process and had backgrounds in music, dancing, or modeling. Calle Ciega's first and second albums went gold and platinum in the band's homeland. Hit singles included "Solo Te Quiero Amar" and "El Marciano." In 2002, the group released its third album. Calle Ciega have opened concerts for several bands, including Servando y Florentino. ~ Jason MacNeil

Caracas, Venezuela