Commodity (feat. Shen)
Fantastic Groove Magic (Funtime Mix) [feat. David Cocharane]
So Beautiful (feat. Azuma Mazi, Chance & Sphere of Influence)
Because of You (feat. CAROLYN MINX)
Pass It Around (feat. Shen)
Don't Stop the Party (Funtime Mix)
Melodic Explosion
Breathe Out
Dancing in the Moonlight
Let's Go
Please Forgive Me
Break from Reality (Funtime Mix)
Sad, Sad, Sad
Meet Me in the Music
Make Me Feel
Can't Lose (feat. X2)
Got My Mind on You
Ride Dat Pole 4 Me (feat. MC BOODAH)
No One Compares to You (Funtime Mix)
Show Some Love (feat. MC BOODAH)
Never Die
Fly Away
Your Move
Party Lights (Funtime Mix)
U Bring Me Down (Funtime Mix)
Everyday Above Ground
No Pain, No Gain
Take You
Step to the Left (feat. P-Wonda, Juliani, O'shabazz & Waleed Coyote)
Rocka Baby
Spell on Me
Get over Me (Funtime Mix)
All I Need is a Song
How We Fly
Summer Fun
Take Yah Shirt Off
Big Pimpin
Turn It Up (feat. Shen)
Mue Vete
Give Him the Praise (feat. Dianne Johnson)
Read Your Mind (feat. Azuma Mazi)
What's Next
Break da Rules (feat. Shen & Azuma Mazi)
Unforgettable (feat. Azuma Mazi)
Never Ending
Hope You Made It
I Think He Wants Me
Cali Livin (Funtime Mix) [feat. Snoop Dogg]
Clap Ya Hands (Funtime Mix)
Blackaneez (feat. X2)
Ain’t Nobody Trippin
Runnin' Wild (feat. Azuma Mazi)
My Treasure
My Everything
Land of the Rising Sun (feat. YAY)
Freak Girl (feat. Flo Rida)
Just Vibbin'
Soothe Your Soul
Fine and You
To the Fullest
Power Music (feat. Redman)
They Do (feat. Ice-T & Nikki Malone)
Grown (Funtime Mix)
Wishing on a Star (Funtime Mix)
Shot in the Dark
I'm an Alien
Patron (Funtime Mix) [feat. David Ruffin, Jr.]
Ya Lyublyu Tebya
Please Take Me Back
Groove of Life
Window Pain
Right Now
Champagne Room
Party Gras
Once Again
The City
Catch a Vybe
If She Knew
She Aint Givin It Up
Get to It (feat. Devin Samarasinghe)
Praying 4 Me
Wit It on Me
Floss Up On'em
Gunned Down
Down Bad
Money Talk
Whatever It Takes (feat. Shen)

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