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A band started by Canadian snowboarder Trevor Andrew (born in Falmouth, Nova Scotia, on August 31, 1979), Trouble Andrew are a hybrid rock, hip-hop, and electronica band drawing influence from such varied names as Big Black, Black Flag, Lil Wayne, and Master P -- that is to say, the attitude-laden styles of American hardcore and golden age and early 21st century hip-hop. Emerging on the cultural radar as a well-known professional snowboarder (he also competed in the 1998 and 2002 Olympic Games), Trevor had to make the switch to less athletically based forms of art after a career-ending knee injury in 2004. Roping in Ian Longwell on drums, Joao Salamao on guitar, and Massa on bass, Trouble Andrew began touring incessantly, eventually getting some work on various snowboarding DVDs and released their debut album, Trouble Andrew, in 2007. Plans for a follow-up record -- Stop Me -- and a mixtape were next on the drawing board. ~ Chris True

    Falmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
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