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About Rob Cantor

Before rising to viral fame with a series of quirky videos spoofing Hollywood actors, Michigan native Rob Cantor sang, played guitar, and wore a yellow necktie for brainy Ann Arbor-based indie pop quintet Tally Hall. The band (each member of which was distinguished by a different colored tie) formed in 2002 and quickly became known for their sharp wit, strong musicianship, and penchant for whimsical and comedic elements. During their decade-long run, Tally Hall released two LPs, rising from local indie darlings to a contract with Atlantic Records. Following a group hiatus in 2011, Cantor relocated to Los Angeles and launched a solo career that quickly gained traction with "Christian Bale Is at Your Party" and "Shia LaBeouf," a pair of comedic Hollywood-lampooning music videos that went viral. After collaborating on fellow Tally Hall member Joe Hawley's project Miracle Musical, Cantor released his solo debut, Not a Trampoline, in 2014. That same year, he and Andrew Horowitz, another Tally Hall alum, scored another viral hit with the video project "29 Celebrity Impressions, 1 Original Song," which involved 29 different impressions of Cantor's song "Perfect." ~ Timothy Monger

Bloomfield Hills, MI
26 Aug 1983

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