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About Inverse Cinematics

House and electronica duo Inverse Cinematics are the brainchild of leader, producer, musician, and instrumentalist Danilo Plessow and partner in sound Joachim Tobias. Hailing from Stuttgart, Germany, Plessow (born in 1985, he has also been known as -- or has been associated with -- the names Aphro Pzyko, Hipster Wonkaz, and Motor City Drum Ensemble) got his musical start as a kid, experimenting with electronic sounds at the age of ten. While he would realize his first complete works in 1997, it was not until 2002 that he would be discovered. That year, Plessow and Tobias signed to Pulver Records, which released the duo's debut EP, Slow Swing. The EP was a hit in the world of club music, and Inverse Cinematics began to perform all over the world, in addition to appearing on a vast list of other projects and doing remix work for a number of different artists. While Plessow would soon start and release work on his own Four Roses Recordings label, it was still with Pulver that Plessow and Tobias would release their first full-length, Passin' Through -- a collection of the duo's work to date -- in 2008. Much of the duo's work has also been featured in films and advertisements. ~ Chris True


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