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Originally part of the Polish rock outfit Varius Manx, Anita Lipnicka came to prominence as a solo singer/songwriter after moving to London, England, and working with Welsh musician John Porter. Born on June 13, 1975, in Piotrkow Trybunalski, Lipnicka joined Varius Manx in 1993. She recorded two albums with the band, 1994's Emu and 1995's Elf, before setting off on her own. Relocating to London, Lipnicka released her debut full-length, Anything Can Happen, in 1996. A successful release, Anything Can Happen led to two more solo albums, 1998's What Is Real and 2000's My Eyes Are Green. But a collaboration with Welsh musician John Porter -- formerly of Maanam and the Porter Band -- would be the personal and professional high point of her career. After she worked on a track for one of his albums, the two turned their attention toward each other (both personally and professionally) and began releasing albums together, starting with 2003's Indecent Songs. Three more albums followed -- Inside Story (2005), Other Stories (2006), and All the Stories (2006) -- but in 2008, with the release of Goodbye, the two decided to focus their professional lives on their respective solo careers. They continued to maintain their personal relationship, however. ~ Chris True