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About the brilliant green

The Brilliant Green are a rock trio from Kyoto, Japan. Comprised of Tomoko Kawase (vocals), Shunsaku Okuda (bass), and Ryo Matsui (guitar), the Brilliant Green are rounded out on their recordings and in live performances with various drummers, guitarists, and keyboard players. Edgy yet easily digestible, their music is reminiscent of such early-'90s alternative rock acts as Liz Phair, the Cardigans, Sheryl Crow, and No Doubt. One can even hear a hint of the Indigo Girls in their mix. Tomoko Kawase's coquettish demeanor comes across in her darling singing voice. Kawase, who is bilingual, seems at ease singing songs in either Japanese or English.

Founded in 1998, the Brilliant Green splashed into the Japanese music scene with their hit single "There Will Be Love There." As this single sold over two million copies, the Brilliant Green were given the honor of being the best-selling Japanese newcomer of 1998. Their 1998 album Growing was then followed up in 1999 with the single Yes and the 11-song album Terra 2001. With Terra 2001, the Brilliant Green's popularity spread across Asia -- especially into such cities as Hong Kong and nations as Taiwan -- and began to swell in the U.S. as well. ~ John Vallier

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