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About EXID

South Korean girl group Exid were created in 2012 by producer Shinsadong Tinger and composed of vocalists Solji, Le, Hani, Hyelin, and Jeonghwa. The group released its first singles that year, but failed to find much success. The same thing initially happened with 2014's "Up & Down," but when a fan video went viral, the song returned to the charts and ultimately climbed all the way to number one. From that moment on, the group's popularity was on the rise, strengthened by more videos, releases, and constant TV appearances. Their first full-length album, Street, arrived in 2016. A few months later Solji was forced to step aside due to a health scare. Momentarily a quartet, Exid returned in April 2017 with the Eclipse EP. ~ Mariano Prunes