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About Oslo Ess

Norwegian hard rockers Oslo Ess are an Oslo-based group originally from Moss. Formed by lead singer/guitarist Åsmund Lande and guitarist Peter Larsson, they added keyboardist Einar Stenseng and bass player Knut-Oscar Nymo, and the quartet played with guest drummers for their first few records. Oslo Ess' debut album, Uleste Bøker og Utgåtte Sko, appeared on Råtass Records in 2011 and netted a Spellemann nomination for best rock album. The LP was followed by the crunchier Verden på Nakken, Venner i Ryggen a year later. The live album #199 Live Akustisk fra Rockefeller appeared in 2013, and their third studio album, Alle Hjerter Deler Seg, was released in 2014. Like its predecessor, it topped the album chart in their homeland. Known as a steadfast live act since their inception, they continued to tour the country extensively while turning out new material with regularity, and released Konge Uten ei Krone in early 2016. By then, Stenseng had left the band, and recurring drummer Håvard Takle Ohr (El Cuero) was counted as an official member. ~ Marcy Donelson

Moss, Norway

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