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One of the biggest bands on the Austrian punk scene, Kitty in a Casket deliver a high-energy blast of pop-punk leavened with a side portion of psychobilly. Kitty in a Casket were formed in 2008 by lead vocalist Kitty Casket and guitarist Billy the Bat, who have been the two constants throughout the band's run. The group initially included bassist Marc Van Dark and drummer Mike Mean Machine. In 2009, the band had already made enough of a name for itself to gain the attention of Crazy Love Records, which released Kitty in a Casket's debut album, Horror Express, that year. Just a few months later, the group was back with a four-song EP, Hallo Wien. (The CD edition also included the music video for "Bride of the Monster" from Horror Express.) Kitty in a Casket jumped ship to Wolverine Records for their second long-player, 2011's Back to Thrill. By this point, Marc Van Dark had left the band, and Slappin' Suspender took over on bass; drummer Mike Mean Machine parted ways with Kitty in a Casket in 2011, and Scott "Hitman" Noben stepped in on drums.

In 2012, Kitty in a Casket expanded to a quintet with the addition of guitarist Todd Flash, while Slappin' Suspender was replaced by bassist Tom Mooner, and Mike Mean Machine returned as drummer after Scott "Hitman" Noben left the band. Better Than Hell Records teamed up with Kitty in a Casket for their third album, 2013's Bittersweet, which became their first album released in the United States when it was picked up for stateside distribution by Cobraside. Kitty in a Casket celebrated by launching their first American concert tour, playing 27 shows in five weeks. Kiss and Hell, Kitty in a Casket's first album for the Rodeostar/SPV label, was released in 2015, and Max Van Angst signed on as drummer after Mike Mean Machine once again parted ways with the group. In late 2015, the band returned to America for more touring, followed by a swing through the United Kingdom. Yet another personnel change occurred in 2016, with Tom Mooner out on bass and Marc Maniac in. The band was in defiant form for its fifth album, 2017's Rise. ~ Mark Deming

Vienna, Austria

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