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About Irmãos Verdades

The Brazilian music and dance group Irmãos Verdades formed in 1986, incorporating 14 musicians and dancers in all, including members of Duo Ouro Negro (Black Gold Duo). After years of hard work, the group was given its first opportunities to perform internationally in Paris, the U.S., and Canada, thanks in part to new musical blood offered by musicians from the Raúl Indipwo band, who joined Irmãos in 1989. By 1994 the band had recorded its debut album, entitled Suadades de Africa (meaning homesickness or lament for Africa), which featured the song "Suadades de Luanda." The album was hugely successful throughout Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, and Portugal. As the group's sound evolved, the band incorporated female vocals, offered up by Alcinda Ramos. The band's second release, entitled Fusao, featured the song "Yolanda," which would become something of an anthem throughout Brazil that year. Irmãos Verdades' third album, Apaixonados, earned them a gold record in Portugal and a platinum record in Mozambique. As their international audience grew, Irmãos Verdades became one of the most popular groups in the Portuguese-speaking world. Released in 2001, So + 1 Bejo experienced similar success, earning one platinum and two gold records. With the release of a "best-of" record in 2003 and their breakthrough record, 5, released two years later, Irmãos Verdades won recognition throughout the whole of Europe, touring extensively outside the Afro-Portuguese world and solidifying their success and place as a major force in the world music market. ~ Evan C. Gutierrez


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