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About Bing & Ruth

Bing & Ruth are a Brooklyn-based minimalist ensemble led by pianist/composer David Moore. Moore formed the group in 2006 with several other music student friends attending New York City's prestigious New School. The ensemble size shifts from project to project based on the scope of Moore's pieces, though a core chamber-sized group remains at the heart of Bing & Ruth. Influenced by artists like Arvo Pärt and Steve Reich, their music is often slow to develop and ranges from distant crystalline ambience to massive glowing crescendos. Instrumentally, they employ everything from strings, wind instruments, and voice to lap steel, drums, and tape manipulations.

They released a pair of EPs in 2006 and 2007, followed in 2010 by their first full album, the warm and deeply textured City Lake. For a time, Moore shifted his focus to his other more folk- and Americana-related projects like the Piledrivers and Pepper Johnson before reconvening Bing & Ruth in 2014 with a smaller seven-piece ensemble. Their second LP, Tomorrow Was the Golden Age, arrived later that year. In the fall of 2015, RVNG Intl. reissued City Lake -- originally released in a limited edition -- with three bonus tracks from its recording sessions. In late 2016, the ensemble signed with 4AD and announced a new album, No Home of the Mind. Performed by the quintet of Moore, Jeremy Viner (clarinet), Mike Effenberger (tape delay), Jeff Ratner (bass), and Greg Chudzick (bass), the album was released in February of 2017. ~ Timothy Monger

Brooklyn, NY

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