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Going by the enigmatic code name 35007 (look closely; it spells "loose" upside down), Dutch musicians Mark Sponselee (guitar, bass, drums, synths, effects), Bertus Fridael (guitar), Michel Boekhoudt (bass), and Sander Evers (drums) perform ambient trance-groove music of a predominantly instrumental design. Secretive by nature, the group rarely performs live, and when it does, it's usually with the help of a visual specialist to provide a truly multimedia and multi-sensory experience. Both their 1994 debut, Especially for You, and its 1997 follow-up, 35007, interspersed occasional vocal tracks amidst the prevalent instrumentals, but even these were summarily abandoned on subsequent releases like 2001's Sea of Tranquility EP and 2002's full-length Liquid. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia